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Why learn Turkish?

Perhaps you love going to Turkey on holiday – for the clear turquoise sea, the beautiful beaches, the friendly people, the delicious food … If that’s you, then you may want to learn a few words and phrases so you can get by during your holiday. It’s very rewarding if you do speak a little Turkish, or at least try to, as the locals are always delighted when someone makes the effort with their language. You may even get preferential treatment!

Maybe you love Turkey so much that you have a holiday home there (lucky you!) In this case, you really do need to learn Turkish, for so many reasons. As a resident, and not just a tourist, you have to deal with bills, utilities, the local council, tradespeople and much more. Having a working knowledge of Turkish will smooth the path of everyday life, make you feel a part of the community rather than an ‘incomer’, and most importantly, will make you feel at home with the people and the culture.

You could be in business, trading or otherwise working with Turkish companies. Again, your effort to learn their language is much appreciated, and can give you an edge over competitors. Turkey is a young, rapidly changing country with a booming economy, and is only going to increase its presence on the world stage.

Easy Turkish for Beginners Book 1