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Turkish food – learn some new vocabulary

Afiyet olsun!

Turkish food vocabulary – Part 1, in alphabetical order

(see my book ‘Easy Turkish for Beginners Book 1‘ for pronunciation guidelines)

ayran – a drink made with yogurt, water and a pinch of salt – refreshing and delicious with meat dishes, especially in summer

balık – fish Turkish cuisine is famous for its variety of fish dishes

beyaz peynir – soft white cheese (like Feta) – this is a staple of the breakfast table, eaten with fresh bread, olives, cucumber and tomatoes

börek – various types of pastry item, usually savoury

cacık – a side dish made with yogurt, cucumber, and garlic – good with rice, kebabs or other meat dishes

çilek strawberry

dolma – stuffed vine leaves or cabbage leaves, with minced meat (lamb) or often vegetarian, stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants, and cooked slowly in olive oil

ekmek – bread – a Turkish meal is not complete without it!

elma – apple

fasulye – beans – try the dish Kuru Fasulye – a staple dish of white beans, garlic and carrot in a tomato sauce, eaten cold with a squeeze of lemon juice, and delicious fresh bread

gözleme – a kind of flatbread, usually cooked in front of you on a inverted metal dome, and filled with cheese or other fillings

yağ – oil – you may see the word yağsız (without oil) or zeytinyağlı (cooked with olive oil)

helva – a sweet made from honey and sesame seeds – good with Turkish coffee

ıspanak – spinach – used in lots of Turkish dishes

incir – fig

jambon – ham (although it is usually made from meat other than pork)

kaymak – clotted cream – eaten at breakfast, with honey or jam and fresh bread – a real treat!

limon – lemon

makarna – pasta

to be continued …