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Turkish words you already know (but didn’t know it!)

Turkish has quite a lot of words taken from other languages, mostly Persian and Arabic, but surprisingly there are many which came from French or English (and a few which came from Arabic via Turkish into English). Take a look at these – some of them you can recognise just from looking at them, but there are some you need to read aloud with Turkish pronunciation – it’s a good idea to ALWAYS read new vocabulary aloud anyway!

soför    banka    faks    doktor    kahve    gazete    hobi    otel    müzik    kültür    matematik   film   sinema    fotoğraf     salata     otomobil    apartman     üniversite     pantolon    profesör   televizyon    radyo    taksi     sekreter     spor    istasyon    tren     koridor    futbol    yoğurt    problem    ofis    tiyatro    küaför

Easy isn’t it? Did you recognise all of them? Scroll down to see if you were right






soför driver (from the French chauffeur)  –  banka bank  –  faks fax  –  doktor doctor  –  kahve coffee  –  gazete newspaper  –  hobi hobby  –  otel hotel  –  müzik music  –  kültür culture  – matematik mathematics  – film film  –  sinema cinema –  fotoğraf photograph    salata salad  –  otomobil  car  –  apartman apartment (building) –   üniversite university     pantolon trousers – profesör professor  –  televizyon television  –  radyo radio –  taksi taxi  sekreter secretary    spor sport    istasyon station  –  tren train  –  koridor  corridor  –  futbol football  – yoğurt yogurt   – problem problem  – ofis office  –  tiyatro theatre  – küaför hairdresser