Recommendations from present and past students:

Steve, 40, is a businessman who often travels to Istanbul:
‘Although the people I deal with in Istanbul mostly speak English, I felt I was missing out by not knowing Turkish. I try to factor in some free time while I’m there, so I can see some of the sights. I found Elizabeth’s website through an online search, and thought that online lessons sounded like a great idea – and it is! Two hours a week, from my desk at work, or hotel if I’m travelling, has been enough to give me a basic grounding. I’m getting more and more confident, and can get by in most everyday situations – thanks Elizabeth! Thought I was too old to learn a new language!’

Karen, 27, married to a Turkish national, living in the UK: ‘Learning a new language from a book is too hard, so I joined an evening class. Although it was two hours a week it didn’t really help me, and the students were at different levels. An online search helped me to find Elizabeth’s website, and although the lessons cost more than an evening class I am learning just what I need, and much more quickly! She is also an English teacher, and knows how to explain things so I can understand them. Teşekkürler Elizabeth!’

Jane, 45, UK, has a holiday home in Northern Cyprus: ‘I had tried to learn Turkish by myself, but it was really hard and I didn’t keep it up … then a friend of a friend recommended Elizabeth,  and we began lessons on Skype. I was a bit dubious about doing it online, but it works well and means I can fit in lessons around work. Since then I have made good progress, and am much more confident – I really can recommend Turkish lessons with Elizabeth! She explains everything really clearly, breaking it down into understandable parts, and the worksheets are fantastic.’

Ben, 36, from Manchester, is an English teacher now living in Antalya:  ‘I had started Turkish lessons in Istanbul, and was at Elementary level when I began with Elizabeth. Over the last 6 months I have learned a lot, and I am complimented on my pronunciation here in Antalya! I think that because Elizabeth is English, she knows what it’s like to learn Turkish, and I find her method of teaching really works well. We’ve used songs, stories, comic books, and clips on You Tube as well as lesson worksheets. Highly recommended.’

Bülent, 32, Marketing manager, living in Germany:  ‘As a teenager it was hard enough to attend school and I was fed up with the never ending grammar stuff until she came to teach my class. She was different from all the others and it was fun talking to her. This was the trick of her teaching skills – learning by talking and never getting bored! I wanted to have her longer as my tutor but I had to graduate in the end :)’  (thanks to Bülent – former high school student from Istanbul!)


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